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Cedar Falls Automotive
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Auto repair

North Bend auto repair service center Cedar Falls Automotive is well known as the premier Auto Repair service in and around the North Bend, Washington area.  We perform a wide variety of engine and chassis repair services.  If you have a question, or need an estimate to repair your vehicle please give us a call.

About Us

Serving North Bend auto repair service needs, family-owned and operated, Cedar Falls Automotive specializes in making sure our customers are taken care of in the most timely and economic manner possible, without sacrificing quality.

Our Services

  • Free Visual Brake Checks
  • Free A/C Performance Check
  • Electrical Systems Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Ignition Systems Repair
  • Battery Service
  • Brake Service & Repairs
  • Suspension Service & Repairs
  • Power Steering Service & Repairs
  • Power Window & Door Lock Repair
  • Differential Service
  • Wheel Bearing Service & Repair
  • Engine Service & Repairs
  • More…


What customers say about Cedar Falls Automotive’s auto repair service…

After being stuck in North Bend for 6 hours that day on my way to Ellensburg, the tow truck driver brought me here because he had known the owners. They stayed open late on a Friday night to get me on my way and when it only took a few minutes to fix the problem they wouldn’t let me pay them. Couldn’t recommend any other place if you’re in the area! Fast, friendly and VERY competent.

Ashton T, Snohomish, WA via Yelp

“I can’t believe I haven’t written a review for these guys yet; after all the honest and great work they’ve done on my cars, I owe them this at the very least. Ken and Michelle are honest, intelligent, and probably too hardworking. Every problem is taken care of efficiently and completely, even when I bring them a lemon of a car I stupidly bought (and I’m about to do it again this week). Truthfully, I’ve had bad experiences with other mechanics in the past, but I consider these guys my friends after all the care they’ve shown my family and my cars. “The one downside: they refuse to “accidentally” blow up my wife’s super boring Honda Civic. I hate that car, but they keep it running well…”

Jean-Jacques Tetu, North Bend, Wash. via Yelp

Went in with a number of issues and a timeline for when I needed the car back. They took the time to really listen and gather as much information as possible. After the initial diagnosis, they recommended fixing the simplest and least expensive items first to see if that solved the problems. “I got every issue addressed, and got out for thousands less than I expected. In fact, the final bill was just 400-something! “Steering pump O-Ring replaced, synthetic oil change, brakes checked, cabin & engine air filters replaced, tires rotated, battery terminals cleaned with anti-corrosion fluid, and the best windshield wiper blades that have ever been on the vehicle. “Ken is a 20-year Honda technician, and we’ve found our family’s mechanic. Thanks for doing such a phenomenal job, Cedar Falls Automotive! “My car is driving like new, and I have a confidence that it will continue to perform when I need it. See you soon about the timing belt on my wife’s van. Keep up the good work, and many thanks for a job well done.”

Brent W., North Bend, WA via Yelp